Vestel IFA 2018 Compilation.

3D Moving Art Sculptures designed for Vestel at the IFA 2018 for use on a large Ledwall, U-shaped video walls and more. Created with Houdini, X-Particles, Cycles 4D and Stardust for After Effects.

Vestel IFA 2017 Compilation

Vestel was present on the IFA 2017 in Berlin with a 3500 sq mtr. booth. I created abstract flowing content with a length of 5 minutes for 24 video walls that were used as decoration. These video walls were build with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 screens. For the Toshiba part of the Vestel booth I created animated content for the horizontal video walls . A total of 48 screens with a total length of 26 meter. I created abstract animated flows that completed the 'Zen' character of the Toshiba booth. For the entrance of the Vestel Hospitality area I created a digital waterfall. A total of 48 HD screens showing the rushing digital waterfall.

Chamber of Commerce - Addventured

Infographic animation for the Addventured project of the Chamber of Commerce./p>


Infographic animatie voor de Ubed App waarmee eenvoudig een zonbed gereserveerd kan worden.